Leaf Bracelet

BY Marcella Echavarria | February 7, 2010

This is my favorite bracelet ever.

A real leaf that wraps around my arm like nature melting and enjoying a second life, my own imprint of the tropical lush South American landscape where I come from.

Inspired by pre columbian techniques and the spectacular tropical nature of her native Colombia, my mother, Clara Saldarriaga,  gathers leaves and turns them into conscious and responsible jewlery hand crafted by artisans in her workshop that honors Colombia's biodiversity. The gold collection uses 24 karat green gold, mined responsibly in the Pacific Region of Colombia using wood bateas like in old times with no contaminants and a great emphasis on preserving Afro- Colombian cultural practices.

The collection includes leaf bracelets, necklaces and rings, platted in gold, silver or copper using a technique that achieves unique pieces that celebrate nature as interpreted by the hand made world. Check it out at Surevolution sometime.